Absolutely shattered

Follicular Lymphoma

Today has been like swimming through treacle

For the last few weeks I have been feeling really good, sleeping fairly normally and going the whole day without any naps.

Then today I woke up at 5:50am after a sweat and decided to hell with it I’ll get up, I went to bed at 23:30 last night so I had over 6 hours sleep.

Yet I have just felt tired and lethargic all day, I have had 2 naps so far to bring my sleep total up to over 8 hours and I still don’t feel refreshed in any way.

This is my fatigue back, it’s beyond tired like you haven’t had a good nights sleep, that sort of tired can be easily sorted out with a quick nap, this fatigue makes you feel like you are swimming though treacle and doing anything is an effort.

This is my Lymphoma cancer at work, it knows I am fighting it and having treatment to knock it back it’s seen me feeling great so it’s got to have the last word, it’s just got to let me know it’s still there and it’s still fighting back.

I just had a nice long shower in the hope that would snap me out of it but that hasn’t worked I still feel completely shattered.

I can’t go for a nap now, it’s early evening and if I do it now I will probably be full of beans and bouncing round when it’s bedtime. I don’t have to go out or drive anywhere so I am just going to tough it out now until bedtime.

Hopefully this will only last a day or so.

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