About me

I was born way back in December 1959, that makes me several things, firstly really fucking old and secondly I have become the old fart that as a kid I used to hate.

I have been married twice and divorced twice, I am now in my very last relationship and if this all goes wrong I am going to become some sort of hermit and live in a cave with nothing but a pet goat for company.

I have 4 kids, well when I say kids I mean locusts because that’s all they ever did growing up stripped the cupboards and my bank account bare and at the time of writing 12 grandchildren.

After leaving school I spent a good portion of my life as a printer then technology came along and put me out of work so I moved into sales, spent a lot years doing that then decided to run my own retail business selling on both Amazon and Ebay.

In 2015 I gave that up to go and become an Uber driver which I have done until March 2020 when COVID29 forced me to give it up.

In 2013 I was diagnosed with cancer, Follicular Lymphoma, in 2014 I had radiotherapy and then in 2017 I started chemotherapy, In Jan 2018 I was declared in complete resolution which is medical speak for remission.

In early 2018 I underwent immunotherapy to keep my cancer at bay, Lymphoma is currently not curable only treat able and it will come back one day.

Jan 2019 caught the Flu, the common or garden type that in previous years I would have been able to easily shake off.
Sadly this time because my immune was so suppressed by the cancer and the immunotherapy this flu hit me hard very hard.
I spent the first 7 months of 2019 in and out of hospital first with neutropenic sepsis, then pneumonia, the double pneumonia, finally well enough to stay out of hospital I couldn’t shake the pneumonia completely off and suffered with it for the rest of 2019 until december when finally it started to clear up
The bad news is that it did so much damage to my lungs that I have a condition called bronchiectasis which leaves me with very limited mobility, so much so that I am now classed as disabled and am pretty much a full time wheelchair user outside of my home.