A very lonely death

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I am taking “Stay home stay safe” very seriously indeed, my health conditions, a blood cancer and a respiratory condition, mean that I am extremely at risk from Covid-19.
But that’s not the main reason I am taking this seriously, no, the main reason is because it’s a very lonely death.

That’s right lonely, you die in a strange hospital miles from home surrounded by strangers, your loved ones aren’t allowed anywhere near you.

The thought of either myself or someone I know having to go through that terrifies me, you just cannot imagine what that’s like, alone, sick, scared and surrounded by strangers.
Having one of my family in that position would break my heart, not being able to see or comfort them, to not be able to say goodbye, it’s a very lonely death for the person dying and very painful for their loved ones.
You can’t be with that person, all you can do is sit at home and wait for the phone call. horrible.

That’s why people should stay home and stay safe, even if you think you are invincible if you go out and socialise you will probably be putting some other family in the horrible position of being a part of a very lonely death.

Steve Woodmore

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