A quick cancer update

Follicular Lymphoma

My Lymphoma appears to be back again.

From Jan 17th 2022 I am back on treatment again at the Chartwell cancer unit

It appears my Spleen issues are all related to my Lymphoma so they are putting me on a Rituximab/Lenalidomide immunotherapy regimen.

Weekly infusions

I will be having weekly infusions at the treatment suite for the foreseeable future, I already stared the Lenalidomide at a much attenuated dose on Jan 1st and so far I have tolerated it quite well.

I have scans both CT and PET lined up to see what’s going on inside and the hope is that the immunotherapy will calm it all down.

The bad news

This means I will be extremely vulnerable as my immune system is going to be even further suppressed once the Rituximab starts. Just what I need when we are in the middle of the worst covid cases yet, but it is what it is, I shall continue on in my home prison.

The rash and “shock”

The Consultant doesn’t think the rash is Lymphoma but probably caused by it so I am being referred to a dermatologist for that, she also think ,y “shock” episodes may not be shock but a heart issue and I am awaiting an ECG for that.

That’s all for now folks.

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