A new pool and other new things.

Swimming pool

My usual swimming pool has had some issues with the boiler this week and it’s been closed.

It’s normally heated to about 28c but with the boilers not working it dropped to 22c which is officially known as “freezing my tits off” temp so they closed it until they can get the boilers sorted out.

But it’s not just the pool that’s affected, the sauna is also shut and the showers are cold.

The Sauna I can live without but I do love a nice hot shower after a swim, I take my shower gel and my razor and I have a good all over wash and a shave while I am having a hot shower, it sort of winds me down and rounds off the exercise quite nicely.

A new pool

The local shopping mall in Bromley also has a leisure centre with a pool attached to it so I thought I would give this a try.

I was very disappointed indeed, nothing about this pool floated my boat.

The first issue was the changing rooms, they were the “family” or communal type and that meant communal showers.

As above I do like to finish my swim off with a hot shower, a hot naked shower so I can properly wash all over, you can’t do this in communal showers. Meh.

The pool itself well to describe it as a swimming pool would be incorrect, there was nothing about it that really encouraged swimming, it was an ovaloid shape with a “beach” at the shallow end and it had log flumes, a wave machine and one edge was a giant bubble machine.

It did have a 2m deep end which was about 20m wide so I choose that as my swimming area and spent an hour doing my usually 300m but I didn’t enjoy it especially as they kept turning the wave machine on.

This is a pool I won’t be visiting again, it’s probably great for adults with young families but for someone who just wants to swim it’s fairly useless and then to follow it up with a short shower cos I couldn’t strip off made it a less than enjoyable experience.

Swimming shorts.

Generally I wear beach type shorts for swimming, the type with pockets are quite baggy, I have a couple of pairs of these.

Which are great for lying on the beach or even wandering around town in the summer as they have pockets and are quite baggy.

The problem there is that for swimming theyu create air pockets which means drag and means I have to keep stopping and fiddle with them to get rid of the air.

So I decided to invest in some proper swimming trunks. no not Speedo’s, my other half has banned me from ever wearing Speedo’s, older men look daft in budgie smugglers.

So I decided to get some shorts type and got a couple of pairs of these.

All I can say is I don’t look like the model in the pic, I have a wobbly, flabby belly.

And they are are err snug around my meat and 2 veg which doesn’t leave a lot to the imagination. So I guess I probably look just as revolting as the old boys in Speedo’s but unlike Speedo’s I do have a bit of wiggle room around the vital bits.

Because my flabby belly sort of hangs over the waistband this gives me added impetus to lose weight, but I doubt I will ever get a flat belly like the model, but hey ho, they are actually very comfortable to swim in.

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