A little bit of DIY

Living with bronchiectasis

I have some friends that come round to see me and they come on their cycles, I also sometimes need to leave my wheelchair out the front.
Their cycles and my wheelchair are very expensive items that we don’t really want stolen.To make them secure I needed something they could be locked to and left for a little while, I didn’t really have anything suitable so I decided to get a cycle parking stand and bolt it to the hardened concrete of the drive.

A simple job

I have all the tools I need and the stand and the bolts, a simple 15 min job for a fit person and something I could eaily have done just a few years ago

The stand

Here’s the stand to be fitted, it only has 2 screw holes but I am going to need 4.

The tools

A Ryobi cordless drill, Bosch drill bits a Performance power SDS hammer drill and a Ryobi cordless impact driver as well as 7.5mm x 100mm concrete scews.


To start I drill 2 extra holes in the stand using the cordless drill and a 10mm HSS bit.

Next I need to mark and drill the holes, the cordless drill won’t drill through anymore than about 40mm of concrete so it needs a 240v proper SDS hammer drill to do this. The screws are 7.5mm self tappers and the hole needs to be 6mm so once I have marked them out I use a 6mmm drill bit to drill 4 x 100mm. I have 80mm or 100mm length screws and opted for the longer ones for extra grip and security.

Next I need to drive the screws into the concrete with the impact driver, the holes are 6mm but the screws are 7.5mm self tappers which means that they cut their way into the concrete and they are screwed in and once again an ordinary cordless drill isn’t up to this job so it needs the greater torque of an impact driver to drive the screws home.

Job done

Stand all screwed down and nice and secure a simple job that has taken me just under 2 hours.

Why so long? because my poor body is fighting not one but two chronic and incurable diseases, cancer (follicular lymphoma) and bronchiectasis and stuff like this is just hard work, what would take a normal healthy person just 15 mins and no effort has taken me almost 2 hours and left ne a gasping, wheezing and sweating wreck.

Why did I do it?

I did it because there was no-one else around that could do it, my kids all have their own lives and their own families and yes they would do this for me but it mean waiting a few weeks till one of them had the free time to come over and I can’t afford to pay anyone so if it wanted it done this week it meant I had to do it.

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