A little bit of DIY

I think I have another low level infection.

I have been a bit “sweaty” for a few days now a every time I fall asleep I pour with sweat and soak the sheets. I have also has some pain in my spleen/lower chest area

Also when I am awake any sort of exertion brings on a sweat, on Christmas eve my lungs were a bit bubbly, my voice was croaky and I had a little bit of a cough so I thought I might have a lung infection. However I left it 24 hours to see what would happen.

Christmas day

Had a really rough night with only a few hours quality sleep and more sweats but got up feeling ok ish in my chest, no bubbling and no coughing but voice still croaky so I decided I would do my usual checks, BP, temp peak flow & spO2 and see what was what. Temp and spO2 all fine exactly where they should be, my peak flow had been on a bit of decline from about the 20th with a low of 344 L/min on the 23rd which is usually another sign of a lung infection but by today it had climbed back to 564 L/min which is well in the green zone.

Emergency rescue pack

My blood pressure was 100/64 which is the extreme bottom end of normal and for me lower than my normal and also my spleen is noticeably more swollen so much so that both my partner and my daughter could see the swelling.

So that was the decider it seems like I have a low level infection, it might be my lungs it might bw my spleen I don’t know so opened my emergency rescue pack (I keep a 2 week dose of doxycycline and prednisolone at home at all times and if I start a pack I have to order another form the Dr straight away so I have a pack available when the one I started runs out, the idea behind this pack is to self treat the infection before it develops to the stage where I needed to be hospitalised)

With my chest the infection responds best to the antibiotic doxycycline and the prednisolone is a steroid to reduce the inflammation, my rescue pack has a 2 week supply of both the doxy I have to take 2x daily and the pred I start with 5 days at 30mg then gradually reduce the dosage on day 6 to taper to 0mg on the last day of the doxy.

The aim is to keep me out of hospital and so far this works around 75% of the time.

And this time it appeared to work by the night of Boxing day the pain was gone and my chest felt quite good

Doing a bit of DIY

On the 27th I got up feeling quite good, I did sweat overnight but my chest felt fine, not bubbling and my voice was getting back to normal, ny spleen is still inflamed but no pain at all so I took those as signs things were improving

I use an awful lot of paper towels in the course of a day and I decided to put a dispenser on the wall in my room, Just a little bit of DIY involving putting 4 screws into plasterboard (drywall) and screwing the dispenser onto them.

I’ll digress a bit here because I know some of friends can be screwdriver heads.

The wall in my den where is where I spend the vast majority of time both awake and asleep is dot-n-dab meaning the drywall won’t support anything heavy being screwed into it for that I have to have the lang anchors that anchor into the wall behind the drywall and have metal sleeves to strengthen then across the void gap to the drywall, a real pain in arse if I need to put anything heavy on the wall.

Luckily this paper towel dispenser when fully loaded weighs about 5 kg (A rule of thumb is that anything weighing more than 10 KG has to be anchored into the brick behind the drywall)

So to put it on on the drywall I used metal horn anchors like this

Not everyones choice but for me it’s the simplest and most secure way to put things on a drywall

After just 5 mins

After just 5 minutes of screwing the first horn into the plasterboard I was pouring with sweat so much so I had to strip my top half off and sit in front of my fan, it’s winter FFS.

That’s not a good sign, that means I still have an infection.

Where that infection is I don’t know as my lungs seem to be improving think it might be my spleen, my GP’s practice isn’t open again until the 29th and I just know if I phone 111 they are going to tell me to go to the Emergency dept at my local hospital.. Yeah right I have a blood cancer, I am immunocompromised and a recent blood test has shown that even after 3 full vaccinations I have no covid 19 antibodies. It’s Christmas there is just now way I am going to hospital it” be full of people who have drunk too much got pissed and stubbed their little toe absolutely convince they’ll need a leg amputated, people who have eaten too much Turkey and have a little stomach ache absolutely convinced they have bowel cancer and lots of other waste of oxygen people with really minor issues that could easily be treated at home but prefer to be right drama queens and clog up A&E with their munchausen’s, yeah right these are exactly the stupid kind of people that don’t get vaccinated, don’t social distance as wear their masks like chinstraps most of the time, no way, no sir do I want to mix with that lot.

Toughing it out

I am just going to “tough” it out until the 29th when I can see my GP unless it gets really bad and I am talking Septic shock or unbearable bad because that’s the only way I am going to hospital right now.

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