A handy little gadget

It’s better to have it than not need it than need it and not have it.

Just before Christmas I treated myself to this little gadget.

I got it for my bike. Where I hadn’t ridden the bike for a few weeks the tyres had gone soft and needed pumping up and all I had was an old fashioned hand pump. My bike tyres run at 60Psi and TBH it was hard work pumping them up which let me in a pool a of heaving and gasping sweatiness.

Amazon to the rescue

I was determined I wouldn’t go through that again so I went browsing on Amazon for a pump that was easy to use, pocket sized and didn’t require any real effort on my part and of course I found this little thing and what I thought was a good price so I ordered it and it duly arrived the next day.

Having a play

Once it arrived I charged it up, USB C charge point on the pump, which took about an hour and went to my bike let the tyres down just to see what this little thing could do. I was impressed, both tyres from flat to 60Psi in under 10 mins for each tyre, I can’t do it that fast by hand and it still showed over 50% battery left. Yup, that’s coming out with me whenever I go out on the bike that is.

An added bonus is it also acts as a 2000mAh power bank with a standard USB socket on it so you can even charge a flat phone from it.

Slow puncture

About a week ago I was driving along in the car when my TPMS gave me a low pressure warning on one of my tyres, the temperature was pretty close to zero and I just thought the tyre needed warming up, however after I finished my journey it was still showing low.
It was too cold to do anything that night. The next day it had warmed up and this little gadget was still sitting on my desk so I thought I would give it a go with the car tyres. To my surprise it got the low tyre form 22Psi to 36Psi in under 6 minutes with well over 80% battery left.

So I purchased another one

I was so impressed I went back to Amazon and purchased another one to keep exclusively in the car, that duly arrived and I put it in the glovebox. A couple of days later I got another TPMS low pressure warning on the same tyre and once I had got to where I was going got this out and very quickly had the tyre up to pressure again. However I realised I had a slow puncture but it would be a couple of days still before I could get the tyre fixed and this little gadget was brilliant it helped me nurse the tyre for those 2 days by making the top up so easy.

I can thoroughly reccomend this.

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