The real Jack Reacher

Just finished the first series of Reacher on Amazon Prime

When I read the books in my head I always imagined Nick Nolte as Jack but never, ever did I picture Cruise in the role. I liked the films but I treated them as “stand alone” action movies where it was a coincidence the main character was called Reacher.

I really enjoyed this Series on Amazon, Yes Alan Ritchson really works for me as Jack Reacher.

From the moment he first appears he looks the part and he definitely acts the part.

As the series progressed parts of the plot and some “lines” from it seemed vaguely familiar but i didn’t really give it much thought. I told my partner about how good I thought the series was and we had a discussion about it where I said “I think it’s a new plot rather a reboot of an existing book” but after watching the last episode something tugged at me and I made a point of watching the credits, something I never normally do and saw that the series was based on the “Killing Floor” which was the first book in the series.

That’s why some parts had a familiarity about them but at the same time it was different enough that I felt like it was a new Reacher story rather than a re-hash.

I won’t give the plot away, you’ll just have to watch it for yourself, all I will say is I really enjoyed watching the real Jack Reacher and the series left me wanting more of this franchise and a quick Google tells me Amazon have indeed commissioned a second series.

If you like action hero and detective stories, you really should watch Reacher.

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