20 M.P.H. Speed limits

These really, really piss me off. But I do stick to them.

I really don’t see the point of needing them 24/7 but then I am not as highly educated as some knob-jockey embryo with an undergraduate degree in traffic management.
Outside schools during school hours, yes there is a need, in high density housing areas during waking hours there is a need, but lets be honest in these places it’s highly unlikely that gangs of 4 year olds will be roaming around at 4am.

I do understand that they cut pedestrian road deaths, but then again so would having the fashion police patrolling the streets at night, I mean who actually thinks crossing a road at night whilst wearing black clothing from head to toe is actually a good plan?

As I already stated I don’t like them but I do stick to them and what really, really pisses me off iks other motorists who think they are far more important than speed limits. They will tailgate me, flash their lights at me, make rude gestures at me, beep at me and do just about anything they can ti try and bully me into going faster, well that just ain’t gonna happen, I have had a clean driving licence for 43 years and I am not about to start getting points just because someone else think their journey is more important than mine.

Of course nowadays if you aren’t too far over the limit you get the choice, points or a speed awareness course. But where exactly is the “cred” in getting done for speeding in a 20? I mean can you imagine it on the course “Yeah, I got done doing 75” “I got done doing 77” “What did you get done for?” “Me? I got done for doing 26” they’d all just burst into fits of laughter and point at you, I mean, really, 26 isn’t exactly hardcore is it?

The ones that think they are really special actually overtake me, usually at almost double the speed limit and in a dangerous manner, these are the ones that kill people, it’s not the speed limits that need sorting out, it’s the idiots that think they are above then that need dealing with.

/rant over

Steve Woodmore

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